Welcome to Open BETA!
Posted on Sunday, April 03, 2016 05:29
"Come one come all!"
Hello everybody!

Welcome to HoloRP v1 Open Beta!

If you haven't chosen to take the tutorial.... You're missing out ;).

Looks like you won't be getting a tutorial badge or learning all the new tricks and features that seperate HoloRP from the rest!

Oh well, sounds like you made the bad decision...

But if you did take the tutorial! Great job, looks like you'll be ahead of the game compared to the ones who haven't!

While you're roaming the city, engaged in combat, or just enjoying HoloRP... If you manage to notice any 'bugs' or 'exploits', or things that seem out of place, that shouldn't be there...

Make sure you contact some of the available staff members: Hardy-Nexus, Ying, Jerry-Parker, and Sumo-Parker.

Hope you enjoy your stay on HoloRP!

- HoloRP

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