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Posted on Friday, June 03, 2016 18:22
"We have recently introduced a system that allows you to choose or change your language. This will improve the users' experience at HoloRP (especially foreign users) - it will also translate your client page and website! This is 80% completed."


Today, we have launched a language chooser system that allows you to choose a language in 9 languages: English (default), Malaysian, Turkish, Finnish, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Portuguese. This system will improve the gaming experience for foreign users who has lack of English-language.

You can choose a language by clicking here or by clicking "Change language" to the top left of your computer screen as shown below:

The "Select Language" option on the website will also allow you to translate our website to a specific language. After you've chose your language and updated your settings, your client will be translated to that specific language. If you currently logged on to the client, please reload the client for changes to save successfully.

Note: Not everything on the clent will be translated, only the external flash texts itself. We are still working on translation support for our furnidata, productdata and our external override flash texts. :)

See ya!

- HoloRP, and the translator team!

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