DJ Applications
Posted on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 11:59
"DJ Applications?! They are now out for a limited time. Apply today!"

DJ Applications are CLOSED.

- HoloRP

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Comments (12)

Damitri-Fitz 7 years ago
noob dj

Joel-Brown 7 years ago

Jerry-Imari 7 years ago

Takashi-Kirigaya 7 years ago
Fast richtig bruder :)

Obli-Vion 7 years ago

Jerry-Imari 7 years ago
@Takashi-Kirigaya Ich weiß, richtig? ** @Jamie-Ritual I'll help you.

Jamie-Ritual 7 years ago
Okay im stuck in colour wars with no money, im done HELLP

Levi-Ackerman 7 years ago
good luck everyone

Ren-Kirigaya 7 years ago
I think u should hire

Takashi-Kirigaya 7 years ago
Ur German is pretty bad Jerry :D what u like to tell me? :D

Jerry-Imari 7 years ago
@Takashi-Kirigaya Ich weiß es schon gut?

Takashi-Kirigaya 7 years ago
Dieser Hans Entertainment Moment wenn du DJ bist amena koi