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Posted on Thursday, July 14, 2016 03:19
"To make HoloRP suitable for the user-base, we want to hear from our users! Read this article for more information..."

Hello, Guest.

The developers have noticed that players has been secretly complaining about the current features and new updates lately, for example; level difference because they think it ruins the role-playing server by having this feature implemented. To elaborately make a final decision on what the players like/dislike, we'd like to hear from the entire RP to decide what they think.

We have decided to create a 'Poll Oriented Suggestions' section (by clicking here) on HoloRP Forums for players to make threads and be decided by the community. You will need an existing and registered account on the forums in order to make threads and vote in other player's threads. We know that we decline suggestions in the regular 'Suggestions & Feedback' section due to reasons but when you make a new thread in the 'Poll Oriented Suggestions' section, it will be reviewed and decided by the entire HoloRP Staff Team when the thread gets enough poll responses.

Read more information about it here, and an example of a poll oriented suggestion thread here!

- HoloRP

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