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Posted on Sunday, July 24, 2016 05:36
"The management from HoloRP would like to hear some feedback from you about HoloRP's current image right now. For example, user-base, current features, new players, etc. This will help the developers improve HoloRP for the players."

Hello, Guest.

Starting today, the management from HoloRP will be listening to your suggestions and feedback and will be taking them into consideration to improve HoloRP further. The developers is looking forward to read some suggestions from new events such as Mafia Wars and new features to improving our city written by you. The developers is also looking forward to read some feedback on the latest updates we have implemented written by you as well.

The developers Jerry-SumraHardy-Nexus and Ying-Pie may go around and speak to some users directly to hear your feedback/suggestions. We cannot speak to every user on the RP directly, we will take your suggestions and feedback into consideration and if the users on the RP agrees to it, we will be implementing it in the future.

To post your feedback and suggestions, post them below in the comments section of this article.

- Jerry-Rose, Hardy-Nexus & Ying-Pie

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Comments (28)

Cindy-Smith 7 years ago
Isn't it obvious? Make a free holoRP app.

Sleiman-Zein 7 years ago
Make a second city and an airport and make more appartments and make them cheaper put also electricity and water

Gray-Fullbuster 7 years ago
Can we make taxis free? it's hard to get to my job without being killed and having to take out money, only to be killed and have it stolen

Gta-Lavish 7 years ago
add bats

Hannah-Rose 7 years ago
Improve by Listening to me when i go " Jerry jerry Jerry " Please. Add like bots that can shoot in turfs! like name them a gang and call them Jarred Nelson and Carson and unblacklist me because matthew tried to hire me but i was blacklisted. all i have to say today :D

Dabu-Myoui 7 years ago
group gang chats able to chat with your gang members

Marcus-Brown 7 years ago
Add the command to purchase my mixtape. Shit's fire fam, trust me. Drops Aug 19th be on the lookout.

Cordell-Hawkins 7 years ago
"The developers is looking foward" LMAO

Nonstop-Jakey 7 years ago
I love this rp but more police really is a must, sometimes when you're weak you can't even play because spawn killing!

James-Mcnamee 7 years ago
Alright jerry hope it helps for the best

Daniel-Klein 7 years ago
Baylie got it right.

Gta-Lavish 7 years ago
make a bat

Baylie-Rose 7 years ago
jerry thts a total lie nd u know it

Dabu-Myoui 7 years ago
suggestion create a pill that can lessen my handsomeness

Jerry-Imari 7 years ago
@Don-Smith Thanks for your suggestion. We have recently implemented your suggestion. Here's a GIF: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> - It will be applied in the next few updates, we just need your suggested feature to be the best for our players. <br><br> @Mitch-Wittig I will see what I can do about this. I remember it being declined before, don't remember why, though. <br><br> @Milly-Lilly Unfortunately, we won't be adding a bank vault as it will ruin the economy. However, you can earn more money by robbing other users, completing quests and achievements, gambling (Texas Hold 'Em), working, etc. Hint: You earn more money if you've chosen the Civilian class! <br><br> @James-Mcnamee Ah, we will have to discuss about the suggestion you've posted. Pretty fun, though. :) <br><br> <!--@Baylie-Rose Uh, I think you're mistaken because I haven't seen any staff abuse for over a month now? :O <br><br>--> @Gd-Xo Check what I've said to Milly-Lilly, a bank vault won't be implemented. We are trying to get some active Police members going. Jobs, I will have to discuss about it to my other developers. Speaking of turfs, we are planning on making turf bonuses, but we will release more information about turf bonuses in the near future. :) <br><br> Thank you all for your suggestions, you will be receiving a "HoloRP Contributor" badge. This badge will represent that you've contributed to HoloRP by suggesting an idea that got implemented in-game! Looking forward to more suggestions and feedback from you guys. <br><br> Best regards,<br> Jerry-Sumra.

Gd-Xo 7 years ago
bank vault, active police officers or try putting 1 bot police?, create more jobs like drug smugglers they can sell the drugs on the bin and ciggaretes, make bots useful make turfs useful, put the bots on the turfs, bots can shoot us on the turfs so itll be hard to capture a turf and make a rewards when capturing a turf like weeds or 20c? ciggaretes cocaine id like to see a gang of bots vs a gang of users shooting each other.

James-Mcnamee 7 years ago
And drug dealer ranks like Dealer trainee then to Dealer After that Drug dealer Then after that Drug Manger Then for the last one Drug lord

Jeff-Mukhtar 7 years ago
Fire Logan

Baylie-Rose 7 years ago
how 2 improve -> get rid of staff abuse xx

James-Mcnamee 7 years ago
Drug dealer jobs I mean like it would make the game more fun for players that want a bit more excitement like Drug raids Drug deals and more weed names like purple kush blue cheese Og kush and instead of smoking a 10g like choose how much you smoke from like a gram everytime its a waste of weed everytime you smoke a 10G and a drug shop to buy weed from 10g for 100c 50g 500c Ounce for 1k which is 100g worth of kush Or if you dont like the shop idear just sell on the streets if you like

Milly-Lilly 7 years ago
Rob bank :D

Don-Felder 7 years ago
I've an idea. Code Google Translate into Holo so we can briefly understand the Pinoys and French people. PLEASE.

Mitch-Wittig 7 years ago
I'd like to see the ability for gang leaders/founders to be able to change the rank names of their gang. I have a gang that's more of a team then it is a gang, and I'd rather have different ranks for people than the current ranks available.

Don-Felder 7 years ago
I've an idea. Code Google Translate into Holo so we can briefly understand the Pinoys and French people. PLEASE.

Jerry-Imari 7 years ago
@Mad-Cysero It's already illegal, we are just lacking active Police members in the Force. Next Police Trials is this week, no ETA to when.

Mad-Cysero 7 years ago
Make killing in corps/stores illegal , its been abused by so many people

Zaka-Aqua 7 years ago

Kizzy-Rizzo 7 years ago