Introducing Chat Rooms!
Posted on Friday, August 05, 2016 08:24
"Chat rooms..? WHAT?!?"

Hello, Guest.

A few days ago, HoloRP has updated with chat rooms - a feature that allows you to make a chat room, inviting your friends and communicating with them.

In order to use the chat rooms feature, you will need:

  • To be connected to WebSocket. Make sure your socket status says that it is "Connected!". If somehow your socket status is indicating that it's "Disconnected!" or "Offline", please contact one of the developers for assistance.
  • An iPhone 4s or iPhone 7, we do not accept LG Gossips.
  • The "WhatsHolo" application installed on your iPhone. To install WhatsHolo, say ":downloadapp whatsholo" and wait 30 seconds for WhatsHolo to download successfully.
  • A good amount of phone credits, every message you send will cost phone credits depending on your phone type.
Creating a Chat Room

 To create a new chat room, type in ":makechat <chat name>". For example, ":makechat apples". After typing in the command, the system will automatically create a new chat room for you.

Viewing chat rooms and joining chats

To view all chat rooms, type in ":chats" and a chat room list will pop-up. Click on a available (green) chat room from the list to join a chat.

Using the chat to communicate

When chatting with other users, you can send cool photos, youtube videos and emojis.

Here are the available chat room commands for normal chatters:

  •  /commands - Shows a list of commands.
  • /clear - Clears all of the messages from the chat.
  • /yt <youtube link> - Send a YouTube video to the chat.
  • /p <picture link> - Send a picture to the chat.
  • /onlineusers - Views the current users in the chat.
  • /chatadmins - Views the chat administrators.

Here are the available chat room commands for chat owners:

  • /muteall - Mutes all of the chatters in the chat.
  • /unmuteall - Un-mutes all of the chatters in the chat.
  • /kickall - Kicks all of the chatters from the chat.
  • /kick <username> - Kicks a chatter from the chat.
  • /ban <username> <minutes> - Bans a chatter from the chat for a specific amount of minutes.
  • /mute <username> <minutes> - Mutes a chatter in the chat for a specific amount of minutes.
  • /unban <username> - Un-bans a chatter from the chat.
  • /unmute <username> - Un-mutes a chatter in the chat.
  • /bannedusers - Views a list of banned chatters.
  • /mutedusers - Views a list of muted chatters.
  • /commands <username> - Views the commands a chatter have.
  • /lock - Locks the chat.
  • /unlock - Un-locks the chat.
  • /makeadmin - Makes a chatter an admin of the chat.
  • /removeadmin - Removes a chatter as admin of the chat.
  • /removepassword - Removes the password set in the chat.
  • /setgang - Turns a normal chat to a gang chat.
  • /unsetgang - Turns a gang chat to a normal chat.

The rest should be self explanatory. If you have any questions, leave a comment below in the comments section.

- HoloRP

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Comments (4)

Dabu-Myoui 7 years ago
suggestion i hope you add to the leaderboard the most handsome users so i can be there at the leaderboard now

Scorpius-Mae 7 years ago
I would prefer if it didn't use credit

Liam-Moretti 7 years ago
Nice, omg Apples <3

Mitch-Wittig 7 years ago
Since we're only allowed to own 1 chat at a time, how do you delete your old one?