HoloRP Group Picture!
Posted on Monday, August 08, 2016 20:27
"Want to be in the group picture? Read the article for more information..."

Hello, Guest.

Tomorrow on Tuesday, 9th August, 2016 at 3:00pm EDT | 8:00pm GMT/BST, the management will be doing a group picture for our social media services, memories and to continue to promote HoloRP worldwide. Every citizen is invited to the group picture event. If you want to be in the group picture, we advise you all to be online. If you cannot attend to be in the group picture tomorrow, then boo to you! A staff member will tell you where to go for the group picture. After the group picture, the management will be hosting some cool events!

Here are some group picture examples:

We hope to see you all tomorrow!

- HoloRP

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Comments (4)

Mitch-Wittig 7 years ago
Damn you couldn't wait till I landed first?!?!?!

Leah-Jon 7 years ago
My pixel looks so lifeless .-.

Dabu-Myoui 7 years ago
i need to in the group pic for my fans to see me

Tony-Ramone 7 years ago