Staff Application Results
Posted on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 18:43
"Who got hired? Read the news article for more information."


Today, the management is announcing staff application results. After reading all the applications sent via in-game polls, mini-mail and forum inbox, only two players were selected.

Congratulations to the following:

  • Gabriel-Smith
  • Debbie-Chan

If you've made it, then congratulations and welcome to the HoloRP staff team! For others who didn't make it, then better luck next time, at least you tried!

- HoloRP

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Comments (22)

Demik-Yt 7 years ago
well idc it says -9990 on my money

Amine-Killer 7 years ago
Nice gabriel and Debbie is the good staff

Marzi-Fr 7 years ago
fuck gabriel innit

Nickyla-Collins 7 years ago
Big congrats to Debbie-Chan and Gabriel- Smith on becoming Holo RP Staff.

Tech-cool 7 years ago
Congrats to both

Colan-White 7 years ago

Ven-Fuck 7 years ago
hello motherfuckers

Jerry-Imari 7 years ago
@Mac-Killin Why? What's the issue..

Rosie-Lyn 7 years ago

Balmtz-Josh 7 years ago
fuck fuck are they i charge of us of ME now way im dont like rules im a rebal so fuck them staff bitches i will kill just joking.........OR AM I hhahahahhahahahahahahahahhaha

Mac-Killin 7 years ago
Well since i'm always stuck on 76% smh...

Rivatha-Knox 7 years ago

Snicker-Parker 7 years ago
Gratz Bbies

Matt-Fisher 7 years ago

Ali-Bro 7 years ago
lol '' who didnt made it ''

Dalton-Payne 7 years ago
congrats dudes. lowkey might not like you tho

Dabu-Myoui 7 years ago
hire me as the owner of this rp and holo will be great again just like china

Mitch-Wittig 7 years ago
Knew I should've applied smh but school is my priority

DeLana-Ife 7 years ago
wtf. gab? he is a communist!

Gray-Fullbuster 7 years ago
You chose Debbie? Lol, abusive cop ought to make an abusive staff member. This RP is shit and needs to be shut down.

Alexandria-Sunne 7 years ago

Marc-Asif 7 years ago
GG :)