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Posted on Saturday, August 27, 2016 08:26
"Want to be in one of those loading screen selfie photos when you load HoloRP client? Read the news article for more information."

Hello, Guest.

Ever wanted to be in one of those loading screen images when you load up HoloRP Client? If you don't get what a "loading screen image" is, this is what we are talking about:

We need your help taking pictures around the RP. The picture(s) can be you or someone doing something, chilling with friends, etc.

The requirements for taking the picture are:

  • The picture dimensions must be 320 x 320 pixels.
  • The picture quality has to be clear.
  • Use prntscr.com/prnt.sc or imgur.com to upload your pictures, nowhere else.

Yesterday on 26th August, we've taken a lot of pictures throughout the RP. Here's a lot of examples you can get an idea from to make your picture outstanding:

Click here if you can't see the embed images above.

All pictures taken must be sent to Jerry-Rose. You can send the pictures to him in-game or by sending him a mini-mail on HoloRP's homepage on the website (bottom of the page). The pictures must be submitted to Jerry-Rose by Sunday, 28th August, 2016 at 12:00am Eastern Time.

Looking forward to see your amazing pictures for the client loading screen!

- Jerry-Rose

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Comments (8)

Dalton-Payne 7 years ago
the pics included don't even look clear

Avarice-Bleu 7 years ago
LMAOOO alina nd jerry's picture on the bed

Rosie-Lyn 7 years ago
the picnic one is adorable af x

Alina-Rose 7 years ago
agreed @ deb !!

deb-bie 7 years ago
me and alina r the cutest x

Yanis-Kurz 7 years ago

Dabu-Myoui 7 years ago
2nd comment wheres my prize

deb-bie 7 years ago
me and alina r the cutest x