Staff Appreciation Day
Posted on Tuesday, September 06, 2016 01:05
"Today is Staff Appreciation Day on HoloRP. Which staff member do you appreciate the most?"


Today is Staff Appreciation Day on HoloRP. Staff Appreciation Day is a special day for users on HoloRP to thank the staff members for their hard work and effort since the opening of HoloRP in April 2016.

HoloRP often celebrate Staff Appreciation Day by giving users what they've always wanted, hosting special events or special recognition for staff. This doesn't mean you'll get free credits, free weapons, XP boosts, etc right away - maybe a generous release from jail, free heals w/o going to the Hospital and such. Get it?!

Who do you appreciate the most? Take a quick survey by clicking here. After completing the survey, you will receive a badge later on during the day.

- Jerry-Rose

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Comments (4)

Mitch-Wittig 7 years ago
Ye I didn't see there was a second page. Thanks Callum.

Callum-Moore 7 years ago
They do ask for your username @Mitch-Wittig

Mitch-Wittig 7 years ago
How do we get a badge if you don't ask for our usernames in the survey?

Nat-Leandoer 7 years ago
ur my fav bc u put me under gp