Police Chief Results - Step 1
Posted on Sunday, April 10, 2016 22:36
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We'd like to thank all users for playing HoloRP and the dedicated team for making great progress this week of HoloRP Open BETA. We are now moving on to week two of its Open BETA stages, and also for the distribution of police chief results.

Out of 151 applicants who applied (although 56 applicants left their responses blank) for Police Chief, only 4 possible citizens was approved to move on to our last requirement to become a chief. They are:

  • Ayanna-X
  • Chase-Port
  • Asian-Jesus
  • Ma-Ry

If you're on our approved list, then you've made it, congratulations! But, you're not done yet, you will have to trial for Chief! Trials for Police Chief will be hosted on HoloRP tomorrow; Apr 11, 2016. See ya!

- HoloRP

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