Staff Lounge Session
Posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 22:53
"Time for HoloRP's first staff lounge discussion with the users and staff!"

Hello, Guest.

The staff members here at HoloRP will be hosting it's first ever user discussion session. The discussion will be about user feedback & satisfaction, how the staff acts, HoloRP's current image (i.g., the community, the users, the features, etc), future updates and how to improve HoloRP. Everyone is invited to the discussion session, so we expect you to be there, the more the people that comes, the better HoloRP will be in the future.

The discussion session will be hosted this Sunday, September 18, 2016, at 4 pm EDT (the time may change at any time depending on the user-count) located in the [STAFF] Staff Lounge (RoomID: 67) - the room will be unlocked when the session begins.

Note, if you participate and elaborare on your thoughts and ideas in the discussion, you will receive a badge for taking part in the discussion.

Looking forward to seeing YOU there this Sunday.

- HoloRP Staff

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Comments (12)

Mr-Punch 7 years ago
Hey guys im feelin myself with a hennese bottle in my hand im intoxicated:)

Timothy-Bryce 7 years ago
Hey Mitch & Rivatha Im back, and popular than then. Can't wait to see ya'll:)

Colan-White 7 years ago

Jerry-Imari 7 years ago
@Uniko-Hyvers, the staff would never ban anyone for saying what they think/their opinion. The discussion is open for everyone to say what they think about HoloRP, no one will be banned for stating what you type. See you there on Saturday!

Rivatha-Knox 7 years ago
ill b at work zzzzz

Mitch-Wittig 7 years ago
Great; an event at 1 AM right before school.

Braian-DeRozan 7 years ago
Dont ban me when i say what i think .

Ilyas-Web 7 years ago
cool i love it

Jerry-Imari 7 years ago
Uh, no. @Nats-Bih

Nat-Leandoer 7 years ago
if i come to afk, do i still get the badge?

Jeff-Mukhtar 7 years ago
'Why u guys hide usercount'

Marc-Asif 7 years ago
Loved the idea