New events timetable!
Posted on Saturday, September 17, 2016 13:36
"Time for a new events timetable schedule!"

Hey HoloRPs!

Like to play events, but can't play them due to not enough players for the event to automatically start? Well, the management has been monitoring the user-count HoloRP averages throughout the day this week and we plan on redoing the events schedule so events gets hosted at the perfect time of the day.

Here is the new events timetable schedule ordered by the day of the week.

Note: The times (military time) set for the events will be hosted in the Eastern Time (ET) timezone. The format for the table below is "Event Name - Time"


Brawl - 07:00

Mafia Wars - 12:00 & 15:00


Brawl - 11:00

Colour Wars - 15:00

Team Brawl - 17:00


Brawl - 05:00

Mafia Wars - 15:00


No events. ;(


Brawl - 14:15

Colour Wars - 16:00

Team Brawl - 17:35


Mafia Wars - 12:00

Team Brawl - 15:00

Brawl - 20:00


Brawl - 07:00

Mafia Wars - 12:00

Team Brawl - 14:00

Colour Wars - 17:30


The event will automatically start when there's a required amount of players in the team/game.

Brawl - 10 players, 8 event points to the winner.

Colour Wars - 4 per team, 16 players, 15 event points to the winning team.

Team Brawl - 3 per team, 12 players, 10 event points to the winning team.

Mafia Wars - 6 per team, 12 players, 10 event points to the winning team.

Have fun!

- Jerry-Rose

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