Halloween 2016 - Ideas
Posted on Friday, October 07, 2016 22:38
"Since Halloween is nearby, we'd like to hear some ideas from you to celebrate Holoween on HoloRP this year."

Hey Guest,

Since Halloween is nearby, I want to hear some suggestions/ideas from you so we can celebrate Halloween on HoloRP!

Here's a few ideas I've come up in mind/my staff members have suggested me:

  • The city will be decorated in a Halloween theme. I need a few people to do me a favor and decorate the RP into a Halloween themed city. If you're interested, let me know below in the comments section. You'll get something in return for helping.
  • Competition - Best Halloween Costumes. Users will be wearing Halloween outfits. The user with the best Halloween outfit will win prizes. (Will discuss about this in the next news article)
  • Event - Double XP, this will apply to workout, farming and levelling.
  • Event - Purge Time.
  • Special event / quest - Perhaps a quest where there's bots you have to kill and you could earn cash/XP/w.e. (Here's a picture: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CuMMDOaWAAAPK37.jpg) I will discuss about this in the next news article.

If you have any other good ideas for Holoween, please post them below in the comments section. A new news article will be made once we've gathered enough ideas to celebrate Halloween on HoloRP this year. Thanks!

- Jerry-Rose

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Comments (20)

Jeff-Mukhtar 6 years ago
Bitchh pleaseee Jerry we all kno u hand it out as often as the Nurse Office hands out condoms in school

Elsa-Leskov 6 years ago
Zombie bots...

Jerry-Imari 6 years ago
Um Jeff, god protection is only for new players.

Jeff-Mukhtar 6 years ago

Javier-Gumbs 6 years ago
Theres more killer bots than those 2 stupid ghosts... But I would like to help! :D

Zeke-Alpha 6 years ago
I'm also up for helping decoration. Also send a room builder application on the forums...

Kunt-Xana 6 years ago
can me and rosie-lyn decorate xx

Rosie-Lyn 6 years ago
someone dress as a clown x

Zane-Retros 6 years ago
I would like to be helping to decorate the city in an Halloween theme.

Timothy-Bryce 6 years ago
Sure, I don't mind.

Zay-Xx 6 years ago
I agree with Zac-Moore.

Zac-Moore 6 years ago
(2/2) And the thug bots don't allow you to progress - making you start from house 1 again... And maybe the further you get along the houses, you have to collect clues and the higher the "treats" could be? and If you reach the final house successfully you solve a problem using the "clues" you may have collected and can obtain a special halloween badge?

Matt-Fisher 6 years ago
we love halloween!

Zac-Moore 6 years ago
Could have like a trick or treat kinda event? Like you add more houses - halloween themed (ONLY FOR THE EVENT) and you have several bots in the room - all identical, and you have to go upto a certain bot and say "trick or treat" - And the bot's can either give you a "treat" - be kind and let you progress to the next house and maybe give X amount of coins/diamonds/duckets/bullets - or they can "Trick" you and set thug bots onto you that can kill/attack/rob you? (1/2)

Ilyas-Web 6 years ago

Liam-Moretti 6 years ago
interested in making city halloween themed ;)

Slush-Knox 6 years ago
make a clown Outfit ahhah

Thomas-Handcock 6 years ago
First :)

Slush-Knox 6 years ago
make a clown Outfit ahhah

Thomas-Handcock 6 years ago
First :)