Competition - Halloween Costumes
Posted on Sunday, October 09, 2016 20:26
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Hey Guest,

As you may know Halloween is coming up at the end of October - hence why we are asking for your ideas to ensure that we celebrate this event in the most entertaining way possible. On Halloween you don't see people wearing casual clothing, you see them wearing creepy, creative things based on the theme of sinister and fantasy creatures.

This is why we came up with the idea of having a competition to see who can create the BEST Halloween costume. So if you have a hobby of creating different looks, this will be your chance to shine!

When it comes to deciding who has the best costume the judge (MOD-Kai) will be looking for three things:

  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Sexiness (Obviously)

If you wish to enter this competition you will be expected to send a screenshot of your look to MOD-Kai via mini-mail on the homepage (bottom of the page, /me), and you must wear that look for the whole day. Otherwise if you win, it will cause confusion and barely anyone will want to look at the screenshot since it's time consuming. Here are some examples of halloween costume if you need some inspiration before you design your own:

Good luck to you all!

- MOD-Kai

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Comments (8)

Mohammed-Blinder 7 years ago
i have screen my look ||

Mac-Killin 7 years ago
rivatha deleted me :c

Jerry-Imari 7 years ago
@Rivatha-Knox, the winner accouncement date hasn't been decided yet. We'll let you know the week before Halloween as I'll be creating a new news article called 'The week before Halloween' events and offers.

Rivatha-Knox 7 years ago
wht time on halloween in GMT plz???

Rosie-Lyn 7 years ago
aw its me and hana <3

Colan-White 7 years ago
trump sounds good...

Melissa-Val 7 years ago
LOL mine gonna be great?

Maya-Salena 7 years ago
Im gonna wear as Trump for Halloween :v