HoloRP Ambassadors
Posted on Thursday, October 20, 2016 21:35
"After a while of everyone speculating, we've finally decided to post an article on the new ambassador program that will be coming to HoloRP."

Who are the Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are experienced users who advise new users and help to preserve community in public city rooms. Ambassadors are users who have been chosen for their journey on HoloRP, their experience, and their help for other citizens of the HoloRP community.

How to recognize an Ambassador?

Ambassadors wear the « Ambassador from HoloRP » badge which following.

HoloRP Ambassador - Here to welcome and help the new age of the HoloRP community.

How to call an Ambassador?

There is not a specific system as to which an Ambassador can be called, but if you continue to explore around the city, it's a guarantee that you'll soon run into one of our Ambassadors. For further assistance, refer to our FAQ.

The Ambassadors of HoloRP team is similar to JS in its organization: some officials, Ambassadors Master-framing a team of Ambassadors which they are part. Ambassadors can kick (send to the main hub) and mute users in formal rooms. They also have the ability to identify new users to the community, so that they can help them right away.

What sort of powers do Ambassadors have?

They have access to new-citizen-only lounges and can identify new users around the RP for engagement purposes. They can also warn, kick or mute misbehaving HoloRPs in public city rooms.

Are Ambassadors replacing Moderators (SOS)?

Ambassadors do not replace the moderators at all. The extra rights of Ambassadors are restricted to formal rooms only. Serious cases of non-compliance of the HoloRP Way should always be reported to our team of professional facilitators.

Can I become an Ambassador?

The team is currently a test citizen with a limited number. It is not necessary to contact us to request to be part of this team. Any experienced citizen who knows HoloRP and its operation, and showed a natural interest in helping other citizens of the HoloRP community can be selected.

Can I report hacking incidents and stuff like that to an Ambassador?

No. Ambassadors do not have access to chatlogs, like moderators do. If you want to appeal a ban or report a hacking incident, you still need to alert moderators or submit a help thread at forum.holorp.com.

What if I see an Ambassador being inappropriate or I don't agree with their alert or mute? Can I report them?

Everyone in HoloRP has to follow the HoloRP Way. This includes Ambassadors. If you feel that an Ambassador is not playing by the rules, you may alert a higher staff member to look into the matter.


The ambassador programme will begin on Saturday, 22nd of October, 2016.

- Jerry-Rose

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Jeff-Mukhtar 6 years ago
lol faggot bringing this back when he clearly said he wasnt in Rage

Jaden-West 6 years ago

Alex-Turner 6 years ago
Fam i dont understand this shit you chav

Timothy-Bryce 6 years ago
Umm..............NOT INTERESTED. New users can help themselves, I ain't wasting my time helping the hopeless. #getcholife #aintnobodygottimefordat

Matt-Fisher 6 years ago
@Mitch-Wittig ; the symbol above police officers heads has been changed to our group badge.

Jesus-Lovesme 6 years ago

Mitch-Wittig 6 years ago
Just to clarify: police officers will have this above their heads still while they are on duty, but ambassadors will only have the badge on them if you click on them? Or, similarly to Rage, when ambassadors ;onduty the symbol will appear above their heads as well?