Halloween Events!
Posted on Monday, October 24, 2016 17:38
"Are you ready for Halloween?"


Hey Guest,

Halloween is almost here and we aim to celebrate it in the most interesting way possible - for YOU. Over the last couple of weeks the Staff at HoloRP have been discussing events that we could host on this ecstatic day along with the suggestions of the users.  Now that Halloween is coming up soon we’ve decided to let you know on what to expect on Halloween to avoid confusion and to build up your excitement. So without further adieu, here are the events that will be hosted.

Important Notice: The events will be hosted on Saturday, 29th of October, 2016 as on Monday because the majority of the user-base has school/college/university on Halloween Day and most citizens won't be able to attend to the events if the events are hosted on Monday. The halloween events timetable is subject to change ay any time for event time changes or new event additions, so just keep checking this news article.

Events Time Rewards

Last Man Standing

- Everyone will have to fight each other through the use of guns and whoever is the last woman/man alive wins the game.

3:00pm Eastern Time (EDT)

8:00pm UK Time (GMT/BST)

1st Place - 6,250 credits, 275 event points.

Find The Wolf

- A wolf will be set out in one of the rooms on the game so players will have to search for it and whoever finds it first wins. Shouldn’t really have to be explained judging from the title.

4:00pm Eastern Time (EDT)

9:00pm UK Time (GMT/BST)

1st Place - 5,000 credits, 2,00 event points

2nd Place - 2,500 credits, 100 event points

3rd Place - 1,350 credits, 75 event points


- Also known as “Thor” but this is with a different character.

5:00pm Eastern Time (EDT)

10:00pm UK Time (GMT/BST)

1st Place - 7,500 credits, 350 event points

2nd Place - (This is only if two people participated in the kill. For example, John shoots the first bullet but then Bob shoots the final bullet that kills Hulk. So whoever shoots the final
bullet gets first place and the other, 2nd.)

Trivia Races

- To end the day in a competitive way.

7:00pm Eastern Time (EDT)

12:00am UK Time (GMT/BST)

1st Place - 4,500 credits, 125 event points

2nd Place - 2,250 credits, 65 event points


Note: Triple XP will be activated on the 29th and the 31st of October, so this will give you an advantage to level up quickly!

Everyone will receive a badge for participating in one of the four events only on the 29th, and everyone will receive a badge if they login during the Halloween Day on the 31st.

We hope to see you there this Saturday!

- Jerry-Rose & Steve-Gates

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Comments (8)

Timothy-Bryce 6 years ago
Can't wait, watch me win everything. If I don't win then here's proof Jerry rigged: http://prnt.sc/d08twy

Mac-Killin 6 years ago
Update the zombie game that shit is still bugged

Hung-Boo 6 years ago
Alina babe :3

Colan-White 6 years ago
IMPORTANT NOTICE - The prize for the "Hulk" event for whoever gets 2nd place is as follows: - 5,500 credits - 150 event points (Sorry for not mentioning it in the article.)

Tomi-Tolo 6 years ago

Colan-White 6 years ago
It was me @ Rosie hehe..

Rosie-Lyn 6 years ago
JERYR @ LAST 2ND PLACE @ GAME HULK @ 'LAST BULLET THT KILLS HULK' u put tht there cus i won last thor event w last bullet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F A T FFFFFFATTTTTTT, cute events

Matt-Fisher 6 years ago
Mad events