[Revised] Roleplay Usernames
Posted on Monday, July 11, 2016 03:36
"If you do not have a legit username in Firstname-Lastname format, you should read this article to guide you!"


HoloRP strives to maintain realistic as possible, so HoloRP has introduced a Roleplay-friendly username policy which forces civilians/fighters/gunners to change their username to a legit Roleplay-friendly username in Firstname-Lastname format whose usernames are deemed as inappropriate and violates HoloRP's standards.

Usernames that contains slang (e.g., Jessica-Lol), gang name (e.g., Daniel-Clips and Ivan-Glo), retro name (e.g., Stacy-Retros and Javielis-Holo), regnal name (e.g., King-Pulgar, Princess-Destiny, Queen-Mai and Prince-Danny) and other username that represents what you think you 'are' is currently forbidden on HoloRP and you will be flagged if it violates our policy. Failure to change your username into something acceptable will get your username changed by a staff member without the need to change your username again.

Usernames that contains surname (e.g., Jake-Pie), valid first name (e.g., Roma-Smith) and a valid last name (e.g., Jerry-Sumra) is acceptable and follows our policy standards.

Note: We do not allow middle names on HoloRP (e.g., Austin-Junior-Quiros), you will have to enter in your username in Firstname-Lastname format.

If you are having troubles choosing a username, you can use this website by clicking here which generates random last names for you.

If you're a VIP member, you can change your username by typing in :flagme, clicking yourself, clicking "Change your name" and by selecting a new name. If you're not a VIP member and want to your username, please contact an online staff member to flag you and by following the same procedure as VIP members should do.

This policy was effective Sunday, 17th April 2016, and was last revised Monday, 11th July 2016.

- HoloRP

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Brasil é melhor que o mexico!!!!!!

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Is TheBest bad?

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bs lmaooo

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what the hell

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I have allready spent all my diamonds :( #1diamondpermonthforVIPs

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Must've been written by that 15 year old.

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Well written.