We're back on track.
Posted on Saturday, November 05, 2016 12:48
"We apologize for the lack of updates lately, we are back and will be improving HoloRP."

Hey Guest,

As you have noticed, HoloRP has been on an undergo on updates lately, and we apologize for leaving HoloRP the way we left it for a while. Don't expect us to roll out big updates at the moment - give us a while to get back on track because we're still busy with things in reality.

We are happily open to hear your suggestions about what's broken and what do you want added. We know that the RP will get boring at times when there's lack of updates. Click here to post a suggestion.

Speaking of updates, HoloRP is now on v1.7.5 with new features and changes. A changelog is available when you login to the client.

Tonight, we'll be looking for trial moderators - applications will be open at 8:00 PM Eastern Time (EDT).

Once again, we're sorry for the lack of updates lately.

- HoloRP

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Comments (3)

Jason-Black 7 years ago
The only sad thing here is you only had 2 comments which means technically... No one gives a fuck.

Marc-Asif 7 years ago
Lets go back to what we were ! #Rush50 T-T

Papi-Chulo 7 years ago
just make me moderator already ..