Returning to Closed BETA!
Posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 22:43
"We're now returning into Closed BETA so we can evaluate new features into the game."

Hey Guest,

As you have noticed, HoloRP will be going back into Closed BETA so the developers can work on coding new features and the builders can focus on building what needs to be done for the new city. During the seven months of HoloRP being on Open BETA, we've listened to a lot of our users' positive and negative feedback which helped us gather ideas to improve HoloRP for the better, for you users in the future.

Closed BETA stages will start this upcoming Saturday, 19th of November - so on Saturday, when you login to the website, you'll be redirected to this news article web-page, you won't be able to view any other web-page once you've logged on to the website. Until then, you'll be able to access HoloRP for the rest of the week. We'll be selecting serious users to help beta test new features, give feedback on the new city and some reward upon the Open BETA re-open for helping!

Be sure you like us on Facebook @HoloRP and follow us on Twitter @HoloRP_ for updates. We'll be posting progress on our forums as well, so register for an account at to keep you updated.

I'd like to thank the following users who were stuck and loyal to HoloRP since it started to faint due to the great depression:

We will see you again soon, we'll miss you Guest, ly ❤!

- HoloRP

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Comments (42)

Zeke-Alpha 6 years ago
#onthatlist #wuhu

Rivatha-Knox 6 years ago
i doubt tht jerry would be tht sad to "hack" users accounts just to advertise holo LOL? @anti-holorp

Anti-Holorp 6 years ago
It's a real story about user happens on 7/12/2016. This fuckin hotel hacked other user's account on the other hotel retro to advertise their own hotel, yup its holorp. I can't believe they would use dirty ways to did this shit. Bye bye this hotel, if you all won't believe I have no ways to explain too, *waves*. The dirtiest hotel in 2016, and will be RIP in the future year of 2017 :) *middles finger in the air*

Erik-Novikov 6 years ago
I can not live without HoloRP ((

Talia-Valentine 6 years ago

Chinnie-Chua 6 years ago
awwwww | i miss holo so much :-(

Marc-Nguyen 6 years ago
I will be back cant wait for the new city

Callum-Moore 6 years ago
Wtf where tf is my name I've been on this for ages

Eric-Cozart 6 years ago
Serious Inquires only for beta testers I wanna be a beta tester

Claudio-Versace 6 years ago
fuck you nigger jerry i sucked ur dick for pistol what u doin bitch ass niggar why aint i on the list fagget ass niggar ur hairline came home 10 minutes before you bitch niggar

Ilyas-Web 6 years ago
NP i love yu

Aces-Black 6 years ago
"I'd like to thank the following users who were stuck and loyal to HoloRP since it started to faint due to the great depression:" Since it started to faint due to the great depression? Yo 90% of these people are the reason why people left LMFAO.

Nat-Leandoer 6 years ago
I beated my fucking dick to this game. fuckkk i got so horny when the owner asked for my nudes for 3 OP guns Nov 25, 2016 3:54 AM LMAO BYE IMD EAD

Alina-Rose 6 years ago

JerryGives-Uck 6 years ago
Good its shutting down i got bullied 10times on this

Italo-Luna 6 years ago
I beated my fucking dick to this game. fuckkk i got so horny when the owner asked for my nudes for 3 OP guns

Jordan-Smith 6 years ago
i like this game

Ben-Lavish 6 years ago
Holo was the greatest rp i roamed

Ryan-Redmond 6 years ago
Holorp is life <3

Switched-Pixel 6 years ago
When is HoloRP coming back?? :(

Jeff-Mukhtar 6 years ago
Lmao all these people saying 'miss this' you guys didnt even log on in its final days :O

Alex-Carpolini 6 years ago
Miss :(

Shane-Camero 6 years ago
Zane-Retros i cant wait to build for holo hehehehe ! Nov 16, 2016 10:18 AM ahahahahaha ur bad anyways

Bran-Riviera 6 years ago

Amine-Bob 6 years ago
i love u holo

Erik-Novikov 6 years ago
Thank you for the good times :) Oh, I miss already

Julie-West 6 years ago
See u d soonest :)

Maya-Salena 6 years ago
Bless you, even tho Im starting to get busy irl

Lightning-Lad 6 years ago

Shane-Camero 6 years ago

Jack-Vale 6 years ago
Well, it's been a long time, without you my friend, and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again, it's been a long way, from where we began...I dunno the rest of the lyrics dont judge me ok

Braian-DeRozan 6 years ago

Jason-Black 6 years ago

Talia-Valentine 6 years ago

Ella-Banner 6 years ago
i'm glad to he here to help

Timothy-Bryce 6 years ago
That shit on the page looks like Remembrance Day poppy's. We ain't saying ''lest we forget'', we saying ''HoloRP you coming back ain't no need to be sad''. So to all the dumb thots that say ''Goodbye'', not ''Goodbye'' cause HoloRP is coming back. P.S. Jerry fix your shit. @WALL OF NAMES #DUMBASS

Zane-Retros 6 years ago
i cant wait to build for holo hehehehe !

Toy-Story 6 years ago
Il Fuck You All ????????????

Colan-White 6 years ago
Goodbye for now!

Zane-Retros 6 years ago
Uh ok

Jerry-Imari 6 years ago
I'll miss you all, ly. x

Alpha-Spooted 6 years ago
NOOOOOOOO! :( -crys-