We've returned!
Posted on Sunday, December 04, 2016 00:53
"HoloRP has returned because we've missed you. ??"

Hey Guest,

Just want to say that we're back for good - however, the new update isn't going anywhere, we're still working on the new city and implementing new features to HoloRP. Nothing has been touched or modified when we've decided to close down HoloRP on the 20th of November, all of your statistics and jobs are still there.

The BAW (Builders At Work) team will be posting progress on building and they'd like to hear your feedback about the room building on our Discord server @holo - we're also looking for BETA testers and room builders to speed up the progress. If you're interested, comment below this news article in the comments section.

Since December is now here, The Christmas holiday on HoloRP will be celebrated in a fun way - more to talk about this in the future.

Welcome back!

- HoloRP

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Comments (14)

Den-Wirth 6 years ago

Aura-Ravendeler 6 years ago
Can't drive my car...

Chinnie-Chua 6 years ago
y cant i drive my car

Lit-Jake 6 years ago
yaaaaaaaaaaaaay bc everyone would die w.o holo !!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightning-Lad 6 years ago
Roombuilder ;) for me

Alina-Rose 6 years ago
lol stfu anti-holorp

Anti-Holorp 6 years ago
It's a real story about user happens on 7/12/2016. This fuckin hotel hacked other user's account on the other hotel retro to advertise their own hotel, yup its holorp. I can't believe they would use dirty ways to did this shit. Bye bye this hotel, if you all won't believe I have no ways to explain too, *waves*. The dirtiest hotel in 2016, and will be RIP in the future year of 2017 :) *middles finger in the air*

Bran-Riviera 6 years ago
if you're looking for BAW i'm here to help lol

Jeff-Mukhtar 6 years ago
Fuk u

Iforgot-Pww 6 years ago
hope the whole hotel catches aids

Nickyla-Collins 6 years ago
Welcome back Holo, hope you have a great break off but it's back to work and making us all smile :)

Talia-Valentine 6 years ago

Colan-White 6 years ago
We're back guys!

Matt-Fisher 6 years ago
Welcome back Holo!