Christmas Gift!
Posted on Friday, December 23, 2016 21:54
"Every registered user on HoloRP were given an early christmas gift. To see what it is, please check out news article for more information."

Hey Guest,

To make the community happy, we've decided to give everyone a VIP subscription for three weeks for non-VIP members. We're not giving out the VIP subscriptions just becuase it's Christmas, it's to compensate for the lack of updates on the RP for the past few weeks.

Now that you're a VIP member for three weeks, you've been given additional benefits to your account, you have:

  • :pull and :push command
  • Change your username (using the :flagme command)
  • Free taxi with five seconds wait time
  • A free hoverboard (using the :drive vip command)
  • Gain more workout XP when you are working out
  • Get more health when you are being healed
  • A red coloured username to indicate that you're a VIP member

To prevent spam, the :va (vip alert communication) command is disabled to everyone until then. You can still create group chats to chat with others. Click here for more information about group chats.

Merry Christmas!

- HoloRP

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Comments (2)

Alex-Turner 6 years ago
yh nobody gives two shits

Elouise-Moore 6 years ago
there should be unlimited vip to the users that are always active as a full give to make them play longer. also the new guests should have a 1 week vip to make them level and get ready for when the game becomes bigger..