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Posted on Friday, August 04, 2017 05:57
"We are working hard."


You thought we have gone anywhere? Nope we haven't. HoloRP is still under development, implementing new features preparing to release the new and improved HoloRP to everyone on launch day. We have a lot of new features added and planned to give players more to do in-game which can be found here.

Over the past few months, we've progressed a lot, not just on the emulator but we've worked hard on coding a new website and new interactive features in WebSocket like the macros we've recently finished on July 31st.

To all you foreign users, HoloRP is now multilingual and supports up to 12 different languages:

We are still looking for Finnish and Norwegian translators. If you want to help out, please click here to get started. The translation process is really easy! If you found a mistake with a translation, please report it on @holo's Discord server and the translators team will take care of that.

Don't worry about the hassle in understanding foreign players what they're trying to say because we still have the :translate command from the old Holo that will allow you to change your language to a specific language.


HoloRP FAQ's

When are you going to open?

  • We have no clue, plus I don't want to give any false hopes by giving out an ETA to when HoloRP will open. You can join our Discord, like/follow our social media or keep checking the news articles for an opening date. The words I can promise to you guys at the moment is that we'll open for sure.

Will there be a reset?

  • All users won't be reset, but any user and RP statistics will. Everyone will start fresh.

Will I keep my VIP subscription?

  • Yes, but only for a few months. We have a new VIP system where VIP subscriptions will be monthly now. The main reason behind this is because we won't be selling in-game currency for real life cash. Just know that the VIP price may decrease a bit.

I have a suggestion, where can I post it?

  • It's always great to give us feedback and ideas. You can post your feature suggestions on our forums. We look at every thread. Don't be one of those people who always want new features added but never tell us ideas!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below in the comments section. We are looking forward to seeing you on launch!

- HoloRP

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Comments (20)

Cookie-Muncher 5 years ago
Dx Ik they are doing their best but... this is taking so long.

Dabria-Melendez 5 years ago
When it this RP finally opening? I swear this all took u more than 5 months

Tech-Cooll 5 years ago
lost my old acc help me :(

Chinnie-Chua 5 years ago
I miss playinggggggggggggggggg T_T

Zastax-Covielotchi 5 years ago

Remy-Remy 6 years ago

Isabelle-Tran 6 years ago
looks good but taking forever smh

Anouska-Roskov 6 years ago
Yeeeyyy :-)

Erion-Anderson 6 years ago
noice. when will the beta be opened, i wanna play dis!!!

Jah-Protect 6 years ago
When will be open beta

Platinum-Boi 6 years ago
Why does it say 4 online?

Dabria-Melendez 6 years ago
This better be opening soon, i'm auto banned on bubbo and banned on peak now. So hurry up guys, me and Brandy are waiting x. - The two pink legends.

Jonny-Knox 6 years ago
look at my crown bitches

Ambrose-Retros 6 years ago
I like little children

Lolo-Lolo 6 years ago

John-Paul 6 years ago
Nice one ! Love it ! :)

Lotto-Dip 6 years ago

Flappy-Bird 6 years ago
Can't wait for this to open :-)

Kro-Ket 6 years ago

Don-Felder 6 years ago
I like old men