Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 16:41
"We are finally releasing information regarding open beta!"

Big news!

After being in closed beta for months, today we are making it official — HoloRP will be releasing open beta for everyone on Saturday, December 9, 2017. Make sure that you’re using a newer version of the browser you use because our WebSockets features (such as the statistic bars, built-in macros, and other interactive features) may not work on older browsers.

We would like to apologize for the “long wait and delay” and there’s a few reasons for it. Here’s the reasons:

  • We had troubles searching for good builders.
  • The developers have been busy with school or work which delayed progress.
  • Development was postponed once from the beginning of March to the end of May.

This week, we are definitely gonna get the map finished (there’s five rooms that needs to be built) then next week, we will be setting up features properly (via database), do small fine tuning and bug fixing before open beta launch day. We will be continuing our development when we open. This means we are gonna implement the features we have promised and planned.

See you soon!

- HoloRP

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Comments (13)

Cookie-Muncher 5 years ago
lets gooo!!!

Emre-Mert 5 years ago

Ash-Westbrook 5 years ago

Matt-Fisher 5 years ago
See you soon!

Play-Boy 5 years ago
Oh man, This is what I needed to see after a bad day at work! See you guys soon.

Stephanie-Lodge 5 years ago
Yes, i do wanna do realeasing the open BETA from HolaRP is on date Saturday, December 9, 2017. Because i do make present do my guys imagation and do meet, make date and i do marry whit Andrew-Archeston.

Ives-Retroz 5 years ago
Yeah, I had BETA but got taken away for no reason, but aight, I'm waiting for HOLO to come out.

Zastax-Covielotchi 5 years ago
Yes! i am good french builder my hobby is to be buildee, i can proof tell me what to to build and i can proof please add zastax#0029 discord

Prais-Yu 5 years ago

Sherlock-Holmes 5 years ago

Cookie-Muncher 5 years ago
finally hahahaha, everyday I get online to check if holorp got some new news. And if you want a builder.. I can volunteer.. I'm not good.. but I'm not bad either.. I made some of the rooms back in other retros..

Abe-Merc 5 years ago

Logan-Salvatore 5 years ago