Colour Wars release!
Posted on Friday, April 29, 2016 13:33
"We are glad to announce that Colour Wars is now implemented to HoloRP. Why not try it out?"


The server management has updated HoloRP with a new mini-game called 'Colour Wars' which is split up into four teams: Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow. The aim of the mini-game Colour Wars is to capture other enemy teams and the remaining teams is crowned the winner.


  • :hit x - Attack the target player
  • :ta <msg> - Communicates to your team players by sending a message
  • :capture - Captures a team base when you're standing on their base flag (banzai tile)
  • :leavegame - Leaves the current mini-game

Points Distribution:

Note: Points are event points.

  • 1 Point - Losing the current mini-game and for participation
  • 3 Points - Successfully capture an enemy flag
  • 5 Points - Winning the game (the points distrubution for this can change at any time)

Colour Wars is located in room 56.

- HoloRP

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Nash-Griermag 7 years ago

John-Dex 7 years ago

Saif-Uchiha 7 years ago

Jamss-Bob 7 years ago

Jesus-Lovesme 7 years ago
Emma ugly shit

Emma-Star 7 years ago
the landing a killing blow on an opposing team player point doesnt work i dont think - i scored atleast 20 yesterday

Evie-Kriskovich 7 years ago

Damitri-Fitz 7 years ago

Joel-Brown 7 years ago
this is where you see where people will be like the pink team is for me no one go in it the blue team is for me no one go in it

Damitri-Fitz 7 years ago

Rosie-Lyn 7 years ago
pink team is me and the girls none go in it plz

Shane-Xlo 7 years ago
rubbish still idiotic rp

Damitri-Fitz 7 years ago

Ken-Bone 7 years ago

Damitri-Fitz 7 years ago