Bug fixes! (Continued)
Posted on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 07:07
"We have been fixing bugs since launch!"


What we have fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where cuffed users could escort.
  • The navigator taxi now shows all active rooms.
  • God Protection for new players now lasts for one hour.
  • Fixed an issue where VIP users could still get alerts even though they have toggled them.
  • You will no longer lose your weapons when cuffed, instead you will lose them when you get arrested.
  • Decreased the amount of cash the Hobo bot can steal from you.
  • Fixed an issue where your armor equipment disappeared from your inventory.
  • All gang related issues should be fixed. Gang invites should work properly.
  • Clicking on users will now lock your target properly, which means all commands can be executed by doing ":heal x", ":slap x", ":rob x", etc without having the user clicked the whole time.
  • Users going AFK in SoloQueue will now be removed from the queue/match.
  • Fixed an issue with bans loading properly on emulator boot.

- HoloRP

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Mario-Knox 3 months ago

Kevin-Guest 7 months ago
reopen this shit

Antonio-Provenzano 5 years ago
I am back !

Law-Enforcer 5 years ago
fixed an issue where you can choose all emojis on news page