Staff Results
Posted on Sunday, May 08, 2016 17:41
"Staff results are announced! Check out who has been hired!"


It has come to an end that HoloRP is announcing staff results. Out of 990 applications, only 120 citizens fully completed and were active for the past 7 days. Out of 120 applications, 8 of them were chosen for interviews. Out of 8 interviewees, only 3 were chosen to be a staff member.

Congratulations to the following:

  • Alexander-Bryce
  • Jack-Wad
  • Logan-Salvatore

If you've made it, then congratulations and welcome to the HoloRP staff team! If you have any additional information, please contact an online staff administration for your inquiries!

- HoloRP

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Comments (25)

Liam-Mile 7 years ago
Client not loading?

Ken-Bone 7 years ago
Congrats to Logan and Alex,good job boys!

Den-Wirth 7 years ago
Should have hired pinoys they active as fuck. I agree with Aces hire some pinoys LOL

Yn-Chee 7 years ago
Congratulations~ :D

Tony-Drow 7 years ago

Joel-Brown 7 years ago
why is alex staff he is so rude

Aces-Black 7 years ago Even if they did hire more staff now, there is still no staffs online atm. LMFAO. Nice activity. Nice hiring.

Javon-Westbrook 7 years ago
Jerry and Hardy's perfect totally non corrupt logic. Yup... Ahuh

Mark-Zambrano 7 years ago

Javon-Westbrook 7 years ago
Shoulve known

Liam-Mile 7 years ago
Don't let us down.

Zay-Xx 7 years ago
Nice job guys!

Logan-Salvatore 7 years ago
Congrats everyone

Lee-Delgado 7 years ago
Congratulations to all that made it :)

Dick-Austin 7 years ago
I agree with aces tho that's some real true shit

Jerry-Imari 7 years ago
Well said, Aces.

Jason-Black 7 years ago
I totally agree with that son of a bitch Aces

Dimitri-Vladimirovich 7 years ago
Я согласен с Aces. > I agree with Aces.

Jeff-Mukhtar 7 years ago
Damnn i agree with Aces tho !!

Rivatha-Knox 7 years ago
I agree w aces, but you should hire more GMT staff, but keep these ^

Rosie-Lyn 7 years ago
i agree with aces !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aces-Black 7 years ago
More people getting hired from EST timezone? 1 from GMT? So that's like 5 known staffs from EST timezone, and only 2 from GMT? We need more people from the GMT. I barely see any staffs on the daytime. Anyways congratulations.

Jason-Black 7 years ago
Daddy Was here

Farah-Estas 7 years ago
Congratulations guys.

Emma-Star 7 years ago
Well done :-)